What is the difference between a portable test and a sleep laboratory test?

Sleep laboratory or level 1 tests are performed in the sleep lab and are performed by a sleep technologist. They will attach multiple sensors which will monitor the patient’s brain waves, breathing, heart rate and limb movements. The sleep technologist will monitor the entire test.

A portable or home sleep study test is performed in the home after an individual is shown hofw to attach the device. The devices are smaller and more convenient for the patient. However, it monitors fewer variables which include the patient’s brain waves, oximetry and snoring/air flow.

What type of physician interprets the sleep results?

Our sleep study tests are interpreted by sleep medicine physicians, most of whom have been certified by the American Board of Sleep Medicine.

What happens if I have another sleep disorder beyond Sleep Apnea?

Our team of Respiratory Therapists are dedicated in making your treatment successful and being available to answer any questions you may have. You may book an appointment with them in person or they can guide you over the phone or through email.

If needed, we can also rapidly access sleep medicine physicians to provide in-person consultation.

We at AvantSleep are committed to maintaining a positive relationship to ensure ongoing success with therapy.

Why do I not feel any benefit from using CPAP therapy?

For most individuals the maximum benefit is felt after approximately 6 weeks of regular use. Infrequent use or the use over short durations may not yield the same therapeutic benefit.

There are many other potential causes of a poor response to treatment. Some of which include a poor mask fit, inadequate humidification, suboptimal pressure setting and/or the co-occurrence of another sleep disorder that needs to be addressed first.

Are any of the testing and/or CPAP equipment covered by provincial health care plans?

Unfortunately, the current provincial plans do not cover CPAP in many provinces. However, most 3rd party extended insurance plans cover a significant amount of the purchase price. Furthermore, we at AvantSleep are committed to promoting access to needed treatment and will work on a case by case basis with individuals who have trouble affording the treatment.

What is the difference between CPAP and APAP?

Both devices deliver positive airway pressure (PAP) to the upper airway. CPAP delivers a continuous pressure across the night; Whereas APAP has an auto-adjusting algorithm to fluctuate the pressure throughout the night within a range that has been set by a respiratory therapist.

How do I get an appointment?

Please download a referral form and have this sent in by your family physician. You may also call for us to guide you through the referral process.

What are the key considerations when choosing a Sleep Therapy Provider?

The keys for success to long term, positive health outcomes and patient compliance with CPAP therapy has been shown to relate directly to the CPAP provider. Extent of education, support during the first year of therapy and follow-up are critical in patient success.

Equipment pricing is comparable across all vendors however, the degree of expertise and commitment to long term patient follow-up is quite variable.

When selecting a company there are a few things you should consider: It is important to have access to experienced respiratory therapists, sleep medicine consultation and in-lab sleep testing. Make sure the company you choose has demonstrated a commitment to quality long term follow-up care.

How can I convince my family members to get checked for Sleep Apnea?

We all know people who have many signs and symptoms of sleep apnea. Many people may be reluctant to come for testing and treatment.

A gentle discussion pointing out some of the medical risks of untreated sleep apnea, the ease of testing as well as your concern for their long term well being tends to be very effective. If you know someone who has gone through the process and feels the benefits of treatment, having them speak with your loved one may be helpful as well.