Counselling Services for non-medical sleep problems

James MacFarlane PhD, FAASM

Fellow of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine
Asst Professor of Psychiatry, University of Toronto
Director of Education and Clinical Consultant, MedSleep

Assessment Services

This is an opportunity to fully examine your sleep patterns in an effort to determine where improvements can be made to optimize sleep and daytime functioning. This can be offered as a one-off session, or a group of 3 sessions. You will be provided with a comprehensive questionnaire and a sleep diary, which will be completed prior to the first session. This will be carefully reviewed, followed by a 1-hour audio-video (or audio-only) session to fully examine the information that you have provided and a plan for improving sleep-wake function. The 2 follow-up sessions (if chosen) will track your progress and will continue to implement strategies for improving sleep.

Session Options

  • Single session for $89.00
  • Grouped (3 sessions) for $225.00

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